Accessory tips

Conseil entretien procédé de billard

The cue chalk

Keep your cue well coated with the blue cue chalk

There is a few friction between the blue cue chalk and the ball, so keep the cue well coated. To coat the cue, you should not turn the blue cue chalk on itself. You have to start from the center of the process to exterior, in this way the blue is spread in a uniform maner, therewith the edges are well « greased ».

To change the process
(in glue process cases

1/ With the help of a cutter, cut the process to the base while keeping an eye on the ferrule to protect it.
2/ Scratch the top of the ferrule with the sandpaper to vanish all marks of glue (keep it verticaly).
3/ Apply glue on the process and press it on the ferrule. Allow to dry.
4/ Equalized the edges smoothly with the sandpaper.

Clean your pool table cue.

Indispensable part : a soft cloth and papersand.

There could be many reasons to explain why your arrow does not slide :

-If it was conserved with its original polish, you can clean it with a simple delicate papersand.
-If the arrow hook on during the game, it may be because of your own perspiration or deposed stains. Clean up your arrow with a terry towel. If the arrow is much too filthy clean it with a cloth soak with lukewarm water ; you can also use the dry stamp to make your arrow back to its original state.