Our services and delivery

A large range of pool tables to fit your wishes and budget.

Our book is composed of 4 ranges : Héritage, Intemporel, Créateur and Luxe.

Each range is designed in many draft and options and our book expands each year with new pool tables created in co-operation with designers.

All shades, solid woods and each cloth colour give the possibility to customize your pool table in many ways.

Our distinctive “multiband”, Montfort pool tables

Thanks to this technic, there is no doubt between a French pool table, an English one, or an American one. It is built to satisfy each expert player, every style of band is settled in accordance with the diameter of the balls and can be switched in an easy and fast way.

A pool table to suit any home.

Sometimes it is hard to combine the passion of the game and the space needed to install a pool table. But, thanks to the experience and the ingenuity of our team, from now on the pool table perfectly fits your room with the option dining top and balls return system.

Many options of dining top allow to switch from table to pool table in few seconds. Also, our ingenious balls return system could disappear in one click once the game is over.

Accessories for pool tables.

To share the passion for your pool table with friends and family, Montfort is crafting accessories that are in connection with the pool table to suit your needs : bars, benches, cue racks…

Restoration and maintenance

The Montfort’s team takes care of your pool table, even after many years. In fact, time goes by, so it is sometimes necessary to change the cloth for example.

Consult Billards Montfort for every need of restoration and maintenance.